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The construction of full bureau class in Dalian Environmental Protection Bureau was conducted in accordance with <The Notice of the Reform Plan on Dalian Party and Government Organizational Structure by Liaoning Provincial Committee of Community Party of China and Liaoning Provincial Government>(Liaoning Provincial Committee [2001]52) and the municipal committee and government. Dalian Environmental Protection Bureau is a municipal department in charge of the environmental protection.

Principle Responsibility

To carry out the national and provincial policy, laws, regulations and rules related to environmental protection; to formulate municipal environmental protection policy, some local laws and regulations, drafts of governmental rules and some other standard files.To draw up the municipal environmental protection planning and organize the carrying out of it after ratified; to participate in the formulation planning on environmental protection and so on; to organize the drawing up of environmental function classification on air, water body, sea and noise; to value on the weighty economic exploitation plan and then make an criticism on them.

To investigate and handle the wastes discharging from pollution source, the working of pollution treatment facilities, the environmental pollution, ecology pollution made by breaking the relative laws, the incidents and letter visit on the environmental pollution, ecology pollution; to mediate the dispute on environmental pollution; to organise and coordinate the weighty environmental problems across districts and valleys; to respond to the administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation on administrative punishment of environmental protection; to conduct administrative investigation on environmental monitor and environmental protection; to organize and develop the inspection on municipal law execution of environmental protection.

To supervise the pollution prevention and cure of air, water body, soil, noise, solid wastage, poisonous chemicals, electromagnetic radiation and motorcycles; to instruct, coordinate and supervise the sea environmental protection; the prevent and cure the pollution made by land source wastage and coastal projects that pollute the sea.

To administrate the environmental safety of ecology technology; to protect countries environment; to instruct and administrate the construction of municipal ecology demonstration zone, ecology agriculture and ecology city; to supervise the natural resource exploitation activities that have bad effects on ecology environment, ecology environmental construction and the recovering projects of ecology damage; to supervise and inspect the environmental protection work in natural reservation zone, scenic spot, forest park and so on.; to examine and approve the newly built natural reservation zone; to supervise and inspect the protection of the diversity of living beings, the wild animals and plants and damp soil environment.

To testify and approve the environmental affection report of construction, reconstruction, extension, and technological remarking projects; to instruct the comprehensive environmental treatment in the cities and countries; to organize the carrying out of the environmental administration rules on pollution discharge registration, pollution discharge licence and together

To manage the subsidy found of environmental protection; to supervise the special found of the pollution resource treatment; to levy charge on wastage discharge by law; to organize the carrying out of the subjects of treatment in time of municipal environmental protection.

To organize the innovation, scientific study, technology demonstration of science and technology in environmental protection; to develop the environmental protection system, rectification of environmental symbol, and the supervision after the rectification; to organize the carrying out of the approval of environmental protection capability; to instruct and promote the development and sanitary production of environmental protection industry.

To develop the international interchange and cooperation of environmental protection, and participate in the coordination of international environmental protection activities in our city; to supervise, administer and organize the carrying out of the national fulfilment of international treaties and connection with abroad; to conduct the introduction in of environmental protection technology, the registration of foreign capital donation and loan, and the administration of the environmental protection cooperation activities.

To supervise and examine the quality of municipal environment and pollution source; to conduct the environmental statistics and information; to construct and administer the network of environmental supervision and examination and environmental information; to instruct the environmental supervision and examination stations of all levels in the measuring rectification and quality guarantee.

To carry out the national and provincial environmental quality standard; to compile the reports on municipal environmental quality; to deliver bulletin of environmental quality.

To administrate the nucleus safety, radiation environment and radioactive wastes; to participate in the handling in time of the nucleus accidents, radioactive environmental accidents; to conduct centralized administration on nucleus facilities, the electromagnetic radiation, the application of nucleus technology, and the pollution prevention and cure in the exploitation of mineral resources; to supervise the safety of the nucleus materials administration and nucleus pressure facilities.

To organize, instruct and coordinate the propaganda, education and press publishing work of environmental protection; to promote environmental protection in the public and non-governmental organizations; to train cadres of their comprehensive policy decision capability, and environmental staff of their vocational capability and then conduct their further education.

To instruct districts, city, counties and some relative departments in their environmental protection; to instruct the municipal environmental protection system in the reform of administrative system, and the staff construction. To coordinate with the districts, city and counties in the administration of cadres in environmental protection departments.

To shoulder the routine duties of Environmental Protection Committee.

To undertake other works consigned from the municipal government.