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  During holidays, the coastal city has a ¡°fresh and crisp autumn weather¡±, and there is only one day of ¡°light pollution¡± 2013-10-09
  Beach waste is much less than ever 2013-09-22
  The Snake Island and Laotie Mountain natural conservation area has launched autumn birds protection activity 2013-09-17
  Our city will start the offshore tide and tidal current power generation. 2013-09-13
  The municipal environment protection bureau does not permit the intercity transferring of hazardous waste in principle 2013-09-06
  Green National Games, Citywide Mobilization ---A Proposal for Environmental Protection during the 12th National Game 2013-09-02
  Yellow Label Vehicle Restrictions Will be Implemented in Green Label Environmental Protection Area on August 16th 2013-08-14
  Dalian Establishes Green Label Zones for Environmental Protection 2013-08-09
  Ministry of Environmental Protection Spoke Highly of Our Rural Regional Environment Improvement 2013-07-22
  The excellent and good rate of air quality is lower than that of the same period last year 2013-07-18
  ¡°Trans-Century Cross-China Environmental Protection Tour in Dalian¡± Initiated 2013-07-17
  Dalian is capable of dealing with 350,000 tons of hazardous wastes every year 2013-06-28
  Dalian Crowned the Top 10 Tourism City of China 2013-06-25
  Forging beautiful villages featured by ¡°Five Models¡± and ¡±Three Cleanliness¡± 2013-06-20
  Make a call on 12369 when the surrounding disturbs the residents 2013-06-07
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